I just won 3rd prize in the International Loupe Awards for Mother’s Love! :)

I have just found out that I have taken 3rd prize in the Open International Loupe Awards in the Science and Nature category for the above image, Mothers Love!

May my day it has! πŸ™‚

You can see all the winners here.

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38 Responses to I just won 3rd prize in the International Loupe Awards for Mother’s Love! :)

  1. Andrea Green says:

    OMG Mark, that is sooooo awesome. Congrats.

  2. Thanks Treasure!:) happy camper I am!

  3. Belinda says:

    Woot! Fab news for a gorgeous image. Well done. The Loupes are the toughest scoring of these scored award comp thingies. That’s a re coop to come third in this comp. Congratulations.

    • Thanks Belinda and thank also for letting me know about the prize!

      Thanks also Craig…one of my fav’s for sure!

      Yep you were onto it Ian and 1 better than you thought!

      Nice to hear from you Jamie and thanks for the accolades!

  4. Craig Chiswell says:

    Truly worth it with that image mate. Probably my favourite of all I have seen from ya. Great stuff.

  5. Ian Wiese says:

    Congratulations Mark – I said I thought you were in with a chance after seeing the 5th place winner. Its interesting that you didn’t get a gold – they must have been marking hard.

  6. Jamie Nicolaou says:

    Congratulations Mark, well worth it.

  7. Charlene says:

    That’s awesome! Congrats!!!

  8. Thanks Charlene! The sea trial is still up in the air due to some issues with commissioning the drives…stay tuned!

  9. Good stuff Mark,congratulations. Not a bad comp to get a placing in either.

  10. Congratulations Mark, I think you know it is one of my favorite images from you.

  11. Thanks Hodgy and Graham….indeed I do know that Graham! I have had some very kind comments previously about that on!:)

  12. matt saul says:

    Well done on the 3rd mate! well deserved!

  13. Very awesome buddy, well done indeed!

  14. Very well done mate. Its a stunning shot that captures their emotion with such clarity. Well deserved.


  15. dave bettini says:

    Well done Mark!
    Indeed it is the emotion in this shot that made it a winner!
    Always liked this one. Anything from the zoo now?

  16. No nothing at all from the Zoo Dave!

    They wouldn’t know a good shot if they fell over it I reckon!

  17. Tim Wootton says:

    Great image and well deserved!

  18. Peta says:

    Well done mark, beautiful image and well deserved.

  19. Hey Mark, Looks like monkeys are the next big thing , three out of the top four images are tree swingers.

  20. Mal Peacock says:

    Congrats Mark, glad to see such a great image achieve a deserved result! 10/10

  21. Sandy@Shots says:

    Congratulations on a well deserved place. As always…nice work!!

  22. brent says:

    Thats an awesome picture Mark, and a great result in the competition.

    Congratulations and well deserved.


  23. Greg Munyard says:

    Congratulations, Marky – great expression, great effort!

    Have just heard about this now having only got back this arvo from PNG (New Britain Expedition) on that wonderful boat of yours and Craigo’s, the mighty True North. Another magical experience. As you were one of the Rabaul Volcano Pioneers (never forgetting the legendary Flemming) you should have seen the volcanoes on this trip, too!

  24. Thanks Greggy and pleased to hear that True North did it for you once again!

  25. Tom Parkes says:

    Congrats Mark, well deserved.