Light painting a mates old Truck

I caught up with an old school mate a week or so ago and found that he was now full time restoring old cars and trucks, so I asked him if I could come over and light paint one of his creations.

Charlene came along as well to give me a hand and we had a great night.

It was also really good to catch up with Glenn Baker and his family as well.

The story behind this truck is that he originally did it up when he was 17 and back then the colour was bright yellow. Glenn won numerous awards for the pickup and then after he got married he sold it. A few years ago he managed to track it down and then he fully rebuilt it for the second time.

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15 Responses to Light painting a mates old Truck

  1. Great job on the light painting mate! Great capture, very crisp and the light is nice and even. Awesome story behind the truck. I’ve got 3 studio lights with a remote trigger and a battery that they run off, very portable in the 1 bag, let me know if you ever want to borrow them mate!

  2. Charlene says:

    That was quick! Liking the 3Dness of the truck… and that colour. I don’t know what it is about the colour, but i find it quite compelling, especially the way it reflects light around the curves of the fenders etc. Almost luminescent, but not quite.

  3. Great story and image my friend. It is really well lit, and like C says, that blue is almost hypnotic.

  4. Ian Wiese says:

    Mark – that has worked well. The image comes with a good story as well.

  5. Hey troops…yep we didn’t do too bad last night I feel and certainly better than the first attempt.

    Paul, nice to know about the lights and thanks for the offer.

    I think the pinnacle shot is going to be the next shoot with Glenn and his truck on location at and old mineral sands yard he knows about in Jandakot.

    He is going to arrange permission to shoot there and timing wise I want to give it a crack before Xmas and after I get back from PNG.

    You are welcome to come along Paul.

  6. Adrian Wayte says:

    Nicely done Mark, feel like I’m standing right there like it !

  7. Andrea Green says:

    Hey Mark, the truck looks awesome. Such a bummer I couldn’t end up coming.

  8. Very interesting effect, something that would be quite hard to achieve using strobes. Plus it’s probably more fun to do it this way.

  9. Yes it is kinda fun to do this way Armand and I am planning a mega shoot in a sand pit with this same car at night in the next few weeks…stay tuned!

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