Aussy Lifestyle Photo Competition

If anyone out there would like to enter an online photo comp that could result in your image becoming a postage stamp, together with some other cool prizes, there is a comp out there that you can find here which is looking for images that show what Australia is all about.

You will find more details on the link above, but the competition closes on the 6th of December, so you will need to get a wriggle along!

The attached photo is what last years winner looked like to give you some inspiration!

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3 Responses to Aussy Lifestyle Photo Competition

  1. Hey Mark, Might want to get people to check out the terms & conditions before they consider entering.. they are a pretty extensive rights grab..

    I’m not saying don’t enter, but just be well informed about what they are actually taking from you.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I guess people can make their own minds up Paul on that front eh!