Rabaul Airport keeper

Another very special day on True North in PNG.

A few of us set out early for the Rabaul volcano excursion and found it to be quite different from last year. There is now a lot of evidence of regrowth whereas last year there was almost none.

The top image is of the Airport keeper. Not sure how old he was but if I could look a fraction like what he does at his age I would be very happy! How is the definition.

After that we went for a dive on a bommy in the middle of the ocean and the vis was exceptional. We saw a 2m silver tip, a large eel, a big school of Red Emperor, and a heap of really cool coral.

We finished the day of capturing some classic tropical vistas.

All in all, a very cool day and once again…feeling a little puffed!

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17 Responses to Rabaul Airport keeper

  1. When I come back next life, I want one like yours! No chopper over the volcano this time?

    • He he very funny Peter! I think you have a bit of a cruisy gig as well mate! 🙂

      Unfortunately even numbers on the chopper this time, so i opted for a sorty to the base again which I loved to bits!

      It would be well worth while to get a team up there for a couple of days to shoot the crap out of it actually! There is a whole town overcome and abandoned with ash apparently!

      Due to the schedule and the distance we had to travel by tender, I only managed to have an hour on the ground this time…but I got a few keepers eh!

      Thanks for dropping by Peter.

  2. Charlene says:

    Liking that portrait of the keeper, although it’s a little bit too gangsta-rap-glamourous considering his situation 😀

    I’m with Peter on the reincarnation options!

  3. dave bettini says:

    You’re getting some great shots on this PNG trip mate.
    Love your 2nd image of the volcano. Would probably crop off the rhs and make it a square pic. There is so much epicness on the left side of this shot!
    Look forward to seeing more specky shots.

  4. 3 nice ones mark … I agree with pete on your life …. I liked the 3rd one the most, but you a lot to choose from on this trip from the ones we have seen here …. Just watch the halos on the top image dude. just a tad here and there ….

  5. Craig Chiswell says:

    Great images man. Third image for me is a killer. Love the portrait tho.

  6. cliveaddison says:

    Powerful environmental portrait of the “Airport Keeper” will remain indelible in my mind for a long time Mark.
    I’m enjoying the trip.

  7. Greg says:

    Hot shots Mark,
    What planet is that ???

  8. Ian Wiese says:

    I like the third one best Mark – a great shot. But I wonder what the color version looks like.?

    • It looked almost Black and White in any case Ian, because of the silhouette nature of the shot and the fact that the foreground is pretty much a dark grey. The little bit of colour that was there I found distracting…hence the black and white!

      Thanks for dropping by mate!