Banana Boat!

Here are a few more tropical vistas from the Luscernque Islands and also the Duke of York Islands.

We are in New Hanover now and had an interesting dive on the ‘Amphitheatre’ this morning. It is an amphitheatre shaped pinnacle that comes up from black water topping at 17m. We saw a heap of sea life including a 3m Bronze Whaler, GT’s Tuna and various tropical fish.

The start of the dive was cool as we had a very strong current pushing as along the northern face of it. The speed of the current was not unlike a waterslide ride, but of course when we turned the corner, we had to push against it!

A few of the newbies on board were struggling with that a bit so we ended up calling it a day at 25 minutes, but all in all good fun!

Slide shows and party night tonight after a visit to Noipus Village near Kevieng which is always pretty special and very beatiful.

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15 Responses to Banana Boat!

  1. Andrea Green says:

    Just gorgeous Mark. I’m very jealous, I love tropical places.

  2. Tina says:

    Ok, I am officially sick of you!!
    It’s just jealousy talking, awesome shots Mark, that is why they are annoying me so much πŸ˜‰

    • Yes I do have that effect on some people eh Tina! πŸ™‚

      Get those floaties and come play Neal!

      I could seriously live there I reckon Jamie! These guys have the lifestyle I reckon and we are just kidding ourselves with how we do it!

      Just say the word Paul!

      Thanks Pete and Dave and yes indeed I do think we have a tick for all of those images eh!

  3. sweet tones and location …. BRB ( goes to get his floaties to join you )

  4. Maattteeeeeeeee I love that middle shot. Where is my esky and deckchair? I could stay at a place like that for days. That shot really appeals to me.


  5. Love it mate.. can’t wait to join you one day πŸ™‚

  6. Very nice set of images Mark, the bottom shot is particularly good.Love the colour tones.

  7. dave bettini says:

    And I think the top shot is the best!
    Seems like there’s a shot to please everyone.

  8. Do you take any photos while diving? I’d love to see some if you do..

    • You’re up early Paul!

      No unfortunately I did not have an underwater camera this year as the boat camera was out of action.

      I intend to get a 5D mk2 in a housing soon though and expand my photography into the genre as I have found the Canon G10’s and the like don’t have either the dynamic range I am looking for or the megapixel size either!

      • Andrew Semark has a surf housing for his, I’ve taken it snorkeling.. the 5DmkII operates very well underwater.. I had the G9 & underwater housing until our house got knocked over.. now I’m on the hunt for a new underwater rig.. I’m thinking the 7D + a dive housing.. not sure though. The G9 did pretty good in perfect or near perfect condtions, anything less than 4 or 5 meters visibility it was pretty rubbish though.

  9. Very nice set of images Mark – most enticing !