Mangrove Pikinini, Kevieng

Rick and I went for a wander around a small surf resort island near Kevieng which is where we do our swap out whilst the crew does the turn around on True North in readiness for the next set of guests, when we came across this little tacker playing in the mangroves.

The little fella was very content with just playing in the shallows in the shade of the mangroves and was oblivious to our arrival for a while whilst I took these initial shots.

The structure of the mangroves and the soft light coming into the area made for a sweet little capture…hope you like it!

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7 Responses to Mangrove Pikinini, Kevieng

  1. Ric McDonald says:

    Hard to believe this shot has been up for 2 days without a comment, when you got excited and said look here I only saw the dugout, then I saw the boy. so my shot is focused more on the dugout.
    Well spotted speck of gold Mark.

  2. I like it a lot but to be real gold I think he would have to turn his head a bit so we could see more of his face.

    • I think I have one like that Flembot, but I chose this one as it was before the little tacker saw me.

      I will revisit the other one

      Looks like you have a new hair style goin on there mate!

  3. Ange Amon says:

    Hi Mark,
    I love this photo, the contrast of the mangrove roots and the little kid is pretty special. I also like the fact that he/she is caught up in his/her own little world.
    It was great meeting you and make sure you visit Lissenung on your next visit!
    Take care, merry Xmas and all the best for 2012!
    Lissenung Island Resort, Kavieng