As I mentioned in my comment on the last post, a rethink on what I was trying to portray suggested a rework of the concept I posted yesterday.

I think this is more like what I had in mind with the look and for me anyway, I do prefer this result.

Hopefully you do as well!

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  1. cliveaddison says:

    I’m over the moon too ! ! Very imaginative. ” Men on the moon” even evocative.

    Where did the moon come from ?

    • Thanks Clive and Ric…I definitely agree that the story has come together far better with this version.

      Sometimes it just needs time to come together and also i had to wait till I got to work to find the moon I was looking for.

      Clive, the moon was shot during the luna eclipse at Bibra Lake about 18 months ago!

  2. Ric McDonald says:

    Much better for me Mark, there is a story in this one

    • As there was no water and no sharks I thought you would have loved it Merv!:)

      • mervfrench says:

        he he he .. nice dig mate.
        I’ve been swimming ( if thats what you call it ) down at Cott most early mornings this week but I’m forever thinking that this is not my home , it’s theirs.

        This image is certainly a bit better than the other ones you and Flemming put up, but its not me.

  3. Luke Austin says:

    A creative couple of images there Mark. I am unsure which exactly I prefer. I’m torn :/

    • It seems that there are a few different takes on the images Troops.

      I must admit I am still unsure as to which one I prefer as well.

      Thanks for the comments and feedback!

  4. Peta North says:

    I think I like the previous one because it gives you the sense of space and the task is an impossible one…nice post though…

  5. Pete Hodgson says:

    I,m with Peta, the first one tells the story better for sure.

  6. Andrea Green says:

    I like it Mark, I thinks it’s pretty cool and fun.
    The only thing I think is maybe it might be nice to see a little more of the bottom side of the moon on the left side, just a touch. I don’t know maybe you tried it and it didn’t work but I’d like to see that.

    • I did have a look at that Andrea and found that the moon being further left distracted from the little man, so I felt where it is was the best suited.

      I will be going out to light paint that Truck again in a sand quarry one night next week if you are interested.

      I will let you know the timing.

  7. Love the idea of the impossible task of building a staircase to the moon. Many a times as a kid did I wish I could build something similar, a way to see the universe.

    This is cool too, perhaps the moon is a tad big and I love the stars in the previous one.

  8. Andrew Brown says:

    Other version for me Mark but both are v.good.

  9. Thanks Mr. AB! Have a great Aussy Day mate!