Reminder about Camera Solutions Evening and Photo Shoot on Friday evening

Just a quick reminder that the photo shoot around Perth City and the introduction to Camera Solutions is happening this Friday evening.

If you want to do the walk around Perth with Myself and other bloggers and Photogs, meet at Camera Solutions at 1730.

If you would just like to come along to the Camera Solutions evening to meet Peta North and her team then meet us back there at 1930.

Camera Solutions are putting on some Pizza and light refreshments and will be handing out VIP cards to all who attend that will entitle the card holder to a number of privileges, including discounts, that will be explained on the night.

There will also be a draw for a free print on the evening for your favourite photo.

….and last but not least, the come along to meet, or catch up with our Danish International Man of Mystery, Flemming Bo Jensen!

Flemming is a freelance photographer and journalist who has been travelling the world for the last 3 years and along the way he has been to amazing places and done heaps of cool stuff.

The Address is:

 Camera Solutions at Shop 2, 159-161 Murrary Street Mall.

I am also pleased to announce that my new best mate will also be there as Peta tells me that my new 5DMK2 is in town and I pick her up tonight…whoohoo!

So, I hope you can make it. We will have some fun as we always do! I look fwd to seeing you all there on the night.


True North Mark

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10 Responses to Reminder about Camera Solutions Evening and Photo Shoot on Friday evening

  1. Ailsa says:

    Looking forward to the evening
    Thank you Mark

  2. Still looking forward to it. 🙂


  3. Peta North says:

    For all Olympus fans, the New OM will be present……(pre production) very privileged….

  4. Can you confirm who else is coming Peta?

    • Peta North says:

      The guys from Pentax, Canon, Lowepro,Olympus,FVE,Fuji and I have the presentation on the D800 from Nikon. Couldnt get a pre production model over, did try very hard though..and hopefully the D4… everyone can have a chat and hear all the latest on the new products from the Reps..

  5. Sweet Peta…we might have to tip lots of beer down their throats to loosen their tongues a bit to hear what is coming up soon!

  6. Peta North says:

    Now thats a good idea…..

  7. Andrea Green says:

    Spewin I can’t make it, my kids are in a singing competition for Cockburn Idol starting at 5.30pm on friday. I gotta be there and have a blubbering proud mumma moment.

    Have a great night everyone.