Birds of the Sea

Flemming Bo Jensen, Greg Taylor and I had a great day out today swimming with Seals at the back of Rottnest and exploring underwater caves. We were trialling a new Ikelite housing lent to us for testing by my big buddy Glenn Murray! Thanks Glenn…it works a treat!

They look to me like birds of the sea and are so graceful and curious. They came in and played with us for about half an hour, but when it was my turn to swim with them they ran away!

Flemming had a great day out and could not believe what he had just done, especially considering a few years ago he could barely swim! Quite an achievement for sure!

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33 Responses to Birds of the Sea

  1. Tina says:

    What an amazing experience and you got such great shots too. Jealous!

  2. Glenn says:

    Gee the guy that let you use his underwater housing is a great guy

  3. You did well my friend, some really cool images. And. I. Swam. With. Seals!. Amazing. Just amazing. Best day ever at Rottnest, still so psyched!

  4. Dances With Wolves? No, my name is Swims With Seals !

  5. Ian Wiese says:

    The first one looks to be a good followup for the wildlife category in the Loupe Awards! (In the others I wouldn’t classify Flemming as wildlife!)

  6. Charlene says:

    That really was epic! Love that last photo especially. I imagine Flemming will be getting one printed for his wall whenever he is back in the cold climes šŸ™‚

  7. Ok. I rarely get jealous, but this morning…… I’m jealous!!!!! šŸ™‚

  8. cliveaddison says:

    Magnificent, Mark. Especially the first.

    What were you shooting with, inside the Ikelite housing ?

    They look like the sea lions of Carnac & Galapagos. Larger than seals I think ? But I could be wrong.

  9. Peta North says:

    EXCELLENT MARK…Good on ya Flem, it is such an experience swimming with seals….

  10. Andrea Green says:

    Oh I am so jealous, what an amazing experience. How cool for you guys.

  11. Greg Munyard says:

    Great stuff, guys!
    I’m posting this from the mighty “True North” at the moment, as we head for the Montebellos, cyclone chasing (nah, not really), after a great day offshore and at Coral Bay. Manta rays everywhere – wow, they are amazing!! Whale sharks yesterday. A coral spawning tonight, so it will be going off in the next few days with whalesharks etc.
    When I saw the “birds of the sea” comment, I smiled, as just came in from the front of the boat where some beautiful little terns were stowing away on the front, giving their wings a rest. Nice wildlife experiences all around. I feel blessed every time I come on this amazing boat …

    • We are blessed to have you and Maria on board again there Greggy!

      Good to see you are keeping up your end of EPICNESS Inc mate!

      Have fun!

      • Greg Munyard says:

        Amazing stuff out here, mate. Just come back in from a chopper flight over the Montebellos. Great cloud action up here in the periphery of Cyclone Lua.

        Also have great shots of coral trout, spangled emperor, trevally, redthroat emperor and various other fish that I caught yesterday. Won the fish hat, too! Fishing has been sensational; even better than the Abrolhos. We had the most beautiful conditions there.

        Can’t wait to see my pics when I get home, on the big screen.

      • Greg Munyard says:

        Oh, and I forgot to mention that Maria won the fish hat 2 days ago. Happy little camper …

  12. Well done Greggy…I can’t wait to see them either…I can sense another fantastic Maria feed com ing on! šŸ™‚

    Well done to Maria as well for the fish hat!