Final Smeralda Shots

Above are the last 2 of my versions of the Smeralda shots from the launch on Saturday.

I have appreciated all the positive feedback from this shoot. Thanks!

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6 Responses to Final Smeralda Shots

  1. Luke Austin says:

    I particularly like that second image Mark. I wish I knew a lot about boats so I could say something impressive…. All i’ve got is wowzers, what a yacht!

  2. Thanks Luke…I also like your salt flat image you posted today…haven’t got around to commenting yet, but such images are on my ‘to do list’ for sure!

  3. Charlene says:

    Loving that second shot. Lovely symmetry. Been looking through all your other shots and i’m most impressed with how that hull is polished to a shine. Talk about attention to detail!

  4. Andrea Green says:

    These shots look awesome Mark, I love the effect and the colours in the sky too.

  5. Thanks Treas….likin that comment I am! ๐Ÿ™‚