Heli Sunset in the Hunter

Christian and I finished the day off this evening with a help sunset in the Hunter River with a few other guests and some champaign, cheese and biscuits.

A beautiful way to finish a great day in one of my favourite areas in the Kimberley.

Ho’s the top image for thinking outside the box Pete? 11 shot focus stack! πŸ™‚

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25 Responses to Heli Sunset in the Hunter

  1. Ailsa says:

    Fantastic. What more could you wish for. Heli Sunset with wine. Certainly there is no better way to finish the day

  2. Nice, that top photo combines two of my favorite things in life πŸ™‚ Hope that wasn’t the heli pilot’s glass though…

  3. Greg Munyard says:

    Love it, mate – great concept. You can almost feel the dry roughness of that piece of granite (?) in the foreground. I love seeing the pinky Hunter haze as well. And is that the great CF setting up in the background, under the serial number of the chopper? That would make it REALLY epic!!

  4. Thanks Ailsa and Armand…and yes indeed well picked Greggy…that is indeed the great CF himself under the help!

    • Greg Munyard says:

      Mate, you have captured some gold on this trip. It’s an amazing part of the world. We’re lucky enough to be heading off to the Amalfi Coast next week and that will be fantastic but I really wish we were there with you guys again …

  5. Stunning scenery indeed Mark – you gotta ease up on doing it so tough mate !

  6. The Hunter was one of my favourite spots in a whole long line of favourite spots in the Kimberley. Well, everywhere in the Kimberley is a favourite.

    Great image mate. You show this view to anyone in the world, and they would pick it for a scene from a movie, not something that still exists on our planet (which we’re making a mess of). Yes this is from when dinosaurs ruled the world, pristine and untouched and goose-bumpingly humbling!

    Say hi to Lee and Nikki, and the Tom Puttster – I assume he’ll try but won’t be able to match my outfit for party night!

  7. Tim Wootton says:

    The second image is a great view of Prince Frederick Harbour!

  8. Yep that it is Tim…that it is!

  9. Ian Wiese says:

    Apparently everything is bigger in the Kimberley – including champagne glasses! A great concept and well executed.

    • Yep Ian…I saw a march fly carry away a small girl the other day! πŸ™‚

    • Greg Munyard says:

      … and when I caught a big barra up there the water level dropped 3 feet in Tim Wootton’s much loved Prince Frederick Harbour πŸ˜‰

    • Greg Munyard says:

      OK, OK – I told a fib! It actually happened when Flemming and I each caught a barra (so, yes, it took two fish, not just one) and it was in the Berkeley River not Prince Frederick Harbour. Just trying to give Tim a plug!