Melaluka Tranquility

Melaluka falls is one the heli picnic sites for the heli picnics and there are a number of beautiful micro falls like this one in the area. You can literally spend hours just meandering around picking off the various beautiful scenes within this Kimberley Tropical paradise.


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8 Responses to Melaluka Tranquility

  1. Ailsa says:

    Another beautiful memory from when we were on True North. Thank you Mark

  2. Andrea Green says:

    I like this Mark, it just seems so simple and nice.

  3. Nice, I like micro falls (big falls are so 2011). I like the combination of the silky water and the subtle tones of the rocks here.

  4. I have fond memories of this fall, spent an entire afternoon here at the heli picnic here and jumped in right at the top just after the rocks and was shot down the billabong with great speed. Awesome fun – there was a lot of water and force in this fall last year.

  5. Brent says:

    Love this shot Mark

    When I see all your Kimberley shots i really wish I was with you guys…. very jealous!

    One day!