Fremantle Harbour

In keeping with the theme of Fremantle Harbour, here are a couple more shots of the Maritime Museum and the E Sheds.

Once again a perspective that eludes most of us unless you have a boat!

Gotta use these edges when one can shouldn’t one! πŸ™‚

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13 Responses to Fremantle Harbour

  1. Great geometry (architecture) in the second one Mark – You may have done this already, but I’d also like to see this scene shot with the 10stopper banged on to smooth out the water and make those harsh man made angles and what not more juxtaposed.

  2. Impossible to do that Tony…the only way to get that perspective is on a boat so the 10 stopper is definitely out!

    But I am hearing ya mate…if it was possible it would be cool!

    Maybe, I’ll try getting dropped off on one of those leaders and 10 stop it from there!

  3. Interesting perspectives indeed. Well, with the 10 stop ND you could create some nice Intentional Camera Movement shots here I guess πŸ™‚

  4. It would be a total blur I reckon Armand, but I think I will give the gig a go on the outer buffer and see how I fair…nothing like a bit of a challenge to get the shots eh!

  5. Yes that is quite correct Armand….I should have embellished out the story some more with hindsight.

    This is actually where Australia 2 lives now, so the Museum has a real star inside…a start that changed Fremantle forever!

  6. Ian Wiese says:

    Must be a good boat to take the 3rd shot (the one on the right)! The Maritime Museum is an interesting building and that perspective places it in its element.

  7. That is Flembot having a play logged in as me Ian!