Camp Creek upper falls

This shot is further up the creek from last nights post and is set billabong surrounded by Melalukas and various grasses.

The image typifies a shooting style that I developed on this trip that was a subject of some discussion on Facebook with Paul Pitchuin last night.

It is an 8 image stitch, 4 top and 4 along the bottom and every image was focused stacked. With the foreground interest being so close there is not way the image would have worked without focus stacking. Now, every aspect of the image is in focus and sharp as a tack!

So, 16 images to make up this final shot and the file size at full size is about 10,000 pixels x 8,000 pixels at 300 DPI.

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11 Responses to Camp Creek upper falls

  1. Ric McDonald says:

    Great image Mark, the stack worked really well, if 16 images then are you saying there is only 2 focal points used with 8 shots per focus? or have I misread it.

  2. Sorry Ric, I obviously was not clear enough.

    4 shots across the top and 4 across the bottom and all were focus stacked twice for the background and the foreground, making up the 16 total.

  3. Ric McDonald says:

    That’s what I figured but was not sure, what aperture , I am assuming it was small enough to give you a DOF that gives a good focus overlap to allow only 2 focus points

  4. F8 Ric…with the water in the middle, not so much of an issue.

  5. Ailsa says:

    So much to learn! Great image Mark!

  6. Nice clean image Mark!

  7. Yeh na to use a WA term. Not one of your best from the Kimberley trip. Too much grass for me, a bit too loose and distant framing.

    • Hey boys, I agree with you both actually, but the main reason why I posted it was to show some crew on Facebook the benefits of focus stacking whilst stitching and this image does it pretty well.

  8. Would have to agree with Flemming on this one, to much foreground for me to but with a file that size cropping wouldn’t be an issue I suppose.

  9. Liking the process you took to get the desired results … I like the amount of grass you have, I would crop in a portrait mode, leaving the hollow in the grass on the righthand side and the waterfall towards the lefthand side … Mute the grass tones a little to lead you into the waterfall or the other way around brighten the tones of the grass to make the form and structure of the grass more the focal point …. Just ideas I would take if the image was mine … You wanna make it mine ๐Ÿ˜‰ … have a great weekend …