I went up to the Pierce Airshow today with Christian and Mike Fletcher and gave my new 400mm a test run…thanks Leigh! Definitely a great lens and sharp as a tack!

The top pic is the interesting one. The Roulettes were flying North to South with one flying directly above the other. Just before the top one went to roll out…he dropped a bit and to me that looks to be way close!

The B52 flew all the way from Guam but I reckon he would have got back home before some of the people in the traffic jam coming out of the airshow! πŸ™‚

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34 Responses to Close!!!

  1. Clive Addison says:

    Thanks for right up to the minute reportage. Spot on shots.
    You might have saved me bumper to bumper to Pearce.

  2. Indeed Clive…I reckon Christian and Mike would still be in it! πŸ™‚

  3. Howdy Mark … from that angle it looks a way too close for anyones comfort level. Sounds like a fun day out apart from the traffic on the way back … Fletch going home to watch Top Gun tonight ? Nice collection of images … I heard there the crowds where insane this time round … Look forward to seeing some more

  4. mervfrench says:

    Good shots Mark, it’s hard to make planes in the sky look interesting though.

    Something about that first shot just doesn’t look right. Hard to believe they are that close together.

  5. I can assure you Merv that I have not doctored that image in any way, that is pretty much straight out of the camera with a crop.

    Yep Neal I reckon Top Gun will be on the screen tonight for the Fletchers! πŸ™‚

  6. mervfrench says:

    They certainly look to be unbelievably close. Just the angle and the lens compression making it look so I guess.

  7. I reckon it was a bit of a stuff up Merv…they were a lot further apart through the whole exercise, but when the top guy went to roll he dropped and thats when I got the shot.

  8. mervfrench says:

    Well caught. Could have nearly been a monumental stuff up then ……. now that would be a shot.

  9. Yes I was thinking the same thing after I took it Merv! I reckon that was only centimetres away from some serious shit going down and yes indeed I would have got it!

  10. The Video Guy says:

    Fuck that looks scarey. I saw them drop too and was videoing it. I haven’t checked the footage yet. Took two hours to get to wanneroo where I’m staying. Traffic aaarrrggh!!!

    Great pics mate. 400mm f5.6 shhhweeeet

  11. Can’t wait to see the vid mate! I had the traffic in and was pleased to share it around to you guys on the way out! πŸ™‚

  12. Pete Hodgson says:

    Hey markI didn’t see you there ! not surprising really with the crowds of people. Looks like you weren’t that far from where I was either. Nice pics by the way, did you try slowing your shutter down on any of the prop planes to get a bit of movement in the blades ? bloody hard considering the speed they are doing.Those Roulettes are always great to see I reckon.

    • Hey Pete…nup didn’t see you there mate.

      Just checked your blog out and you have some very similar shots to me…funny that eh!

      And yes Leigh..likin the lense mate!

  13. Glad you are enjoying 400 millimetres of perfection! Great capture Mark. That lens is amazing. I look forward to seeing some more pin sharp shots.

  14. Cool, didn’t know you were also an aviation afficionado. I hope that’s just the 400mm perspective that makes the top ones look so close…

  15. Paul Pichugin says:

    Wow.. Some awesome shots there Mark!

    We headed in the opposite direction to the crowds, spent the weekend in Mandurah πŸ™‚

  16. Smart move me thinks Paul! The traffic was a killer!

  17. Sweet pics Mark. Yep, agreed, in that top picture the planes look way too close for comfort!

  18. Thanks Graham and I am hearing ya mate! πŸ™‚

  19. Brian says:

    The top photo was v v close
    RAAF wiped out all their team years ago when all ploughed into ground following leader – should be ceiling for this stuff

  20. Interesting input there Brian!

  21. Peta North says:

    Looked like a great show, shame I missed it, Paul went and got very similar shots of the Roulettes, it did look close….

  22. Plane geek porn, love it. That first image is scary, appears to a meter or so from a disaster.

  23. How cool was that B52 mate? Never seen one in real life before and I think you’re right it probably got home before I did. Xavier was most impressed with the fact that some people jumped out of the Herc and came down in their ‘kites’.

    • I have done at least 300 jumps out of a Herc Jamie…just the best jump ship eva! The best one being a world record 100 way from 22,500 ft with oxygen! The largest formation ever out of a single aircraft at the time! And yes the B52 was also pretty cool!