More Pierce Airshow Shots

Here are a couple of HDR’s that I took at the Pierce Airshow yesterday.

The top image is of the new PC 21 that belongs to the Singapore Airforce. These machines are the latest off the ranks from Pilatus and boast 1087 BHP from a Pratt and Whitney PT6.

The PT 6 is a fine bit of kit and this latest version in the PC21’s look to be the real deal for sure.

I also quite liked how the HDR shoed the movement of the people in these shots adding some unusual interest to what would normally be just another plane shot.

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8 Responses to More Pierce Airshow Shots

  1. Pete Hodgson says:

    Like the top one mate, I took a shot from that exact same place I think, your HDR version looks a lot better than mine though.

  2. Nice stuff … you where also able to get up close …. awesome …

  3. Nanda says:

    Fantastic! I live just down the road from here and have been enjoying the sights this weekend. I have noticed so many photographers walking around with their kit and was hoping to catch some pics of the planes online. Ask and ye shall receive!

  4. I like the use of wide angle here, especially how you used it in the top one to accentuate the shape of the PC21 by prominently including the shadow. The “ghosting” effect on the people works quite well here indeed.

  5. Thanks Armand…yes it was the shadow that attracted me to the composition actually.