Sail River Heli Picnic Site

The Kimberley never ceases to amaze and impress me and when we flew into this location about an hour before sunset to prepare for an overnight camping experience for 11 lucky people, including Christian and Jenny Fletcher and Tom Putt.

Once again, I had to stand still for a while and take stock of the beauty and the tranquility of this amazing location.

Arriving by Helicopter adds to the excitement for sure and as we were the first ones in, we were unloading whist the heli was idling and then off it went again to get the next group of campers. The roar of the heli taking off interrupted the tranquility only for the noise to be replaced by the subtle raw of the waterfall down the way a bit, once the heli noise had abated.

We set up camp and searched for fire wood whilst we waited for the second group and then arranged to swim our cameras across the river to the various vantage points offered on the opposite side.

This was one of the compositions that I liked featuring the amazing smoothed off sand stone formations and textures in the foreground with the river snaking off into the distance.

Truly a beautiful place and a great experience.

After the photo shoot we cooked up a storm that was pre prepared on by the True North chefs and then sat around the fire telling stories and jokes until it was time to turn in.

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3 Responses to Sail River Heli Picnic Site

  1. Nice spot for a overnight camp … Love the rough rocks and all those spots to head up stream to photograph …

  2. Looks like a magic spot making for a very memorable experience that is for sure! Nice image to boot Mark ๐Ÿ™‚