Sugarloaf Rock Sunrise

We have just arrived home after a great weekend down south and catching up with lots of mates.

This morning Christian Fletcher, Ian Wise and myself set out at 0630 for a sunrise shoot at Sugarloaf Rocks…always a favourite and the challenge is to see if you get get something different.

We have some nice colour for a few minutes of the sunrise and I managed to find a few new perspectives, the above image being one of them.

Later today we went for a very cool and long walk on a mates property and found some very, very cool knarley trees in a dried up billabong…stay tuned for those shots!

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18 Responses to Sugarloaf Rock Sunrise

  1. Nice Mark … The rock looks very different in this image. I gather you must of been about as far right as you could go before being in the drink ?

  2. You gathered correctly Neal! šŸ™‚ Any further right and I would have been swimming!

  3. Very nice perspective indeed, with those rocks in the foreground. I also like the colors a lot, and the way you captured the movement of the water. I’ve been experimenting with a new “long exposure time lapse” technique lately that would work really well to capture a scene like this in motion.

    • Hey boys and girls…great comments…I appreciate them all! You are quite right Armand, I very much should have looked a time lapse myself!

      Mission for next time! šŸ™‚

  4. Peta says:

    Very nice Mark, love the colours and water movement.

  5. Ian Wiese says:

    I kept looking over that way, and thought I could see a seal popping up. Then I saw a tripod, and (quick as I am) realised that it couldn’t be a seal – it was Mark nearly swimming! . I suspect Christian is somewhere in that shot!

    That’s a great shot and opens up the gap between Sugarloaf Rock and the shore nicely.

  6. Gary Wooldridge says:

    I wanna see further right….. lol

  7. Gary Wooldridge says:

    You always have been a gentleman Mark lol

  8. That’s a nice new angle on the olde rock Mark, good work. I might be tempted to crop a bit of the left side, but that’s just me. Nice one!

  9. Tina says:

    Nice angle Mark. I love this place and struggle to get a different perspective and keep going back again and again….

    Lovely colour too

  10. Luke Austin says:

    Beautiful light and colour there Mark!

  11. Thanks Luke…its always a challenge to get something that hasn’t been done before!