Crane Ship, Fremantle

What a beautiful weekend we had here in Perth. On the way back from a very cool surf at Stricklands at Rottnest I saw this ship waiting out in Gage Roads.

As luck would have it, the ship was making its way into harbour when I was driving to work this morning, so I swing by South Mole and captured these shots.

It amass me how ships loaded like this manage to stay upright! πŸ™‚

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24 Responses to Crane Ship, Fremantle

  1. It certainly was an amazing site! I went for a walk before work and saw it!

    • Yep it was cool to see eh Leigh and Jamie! I saw the best possible silhouette black and white shot shooting into the sunset last night on the way home from Rotto, but Doh…didn’t have a camera with me! πŸ™‚

  2. Holy cow. Is this for real mate? What an awesome ship and even better shot.

  3. Nice work Mark! Love these kind of shots. The landscapes are nice too, but this is something special πŸ™‚ Also like the perspective resulting from the long lens. One of these ran aground here a couple of years ago by the way…

    • Thanks Armand and Ailsa…you certainly don’t see shots like this every day and I am so annoyed that I didn’t have my camera yesterday!

      Nearly went back out again but it was close to sunset when I got back and I was stuffed! It would have been great to see one of these aground Armand!

  4. Ailsa says:

    Fantastic! You don’t see ships like this every day.

  5. Charlene says:

    I saw out at Gage Roads while waiting for the train this morning and was wondering what the hell that was… looked like some kind of floating rig thing but the shape was wrong. Thanks for providing us a closer look!

  6. Not at everyday site. Nice set of images Mark πŸ™‚

  7. Not an everyday site. Nice set of images Mark πŸ™‚

  8. mervfrench says:

    Amazing that it would be at all stable in rolling seas.

  9. Peta says:

    Awesome ship, it does look very unstable. Be amazing to get aboard.
    Good capture as always…

    • Thanks Peta, Greg and Flembitaruny!

      It’s the cargo Greg for sure.

      My guess is how they do it is the ballast down a lot with water as the ship is very low in the water.

      The cranes then act like a mast on a yacht relative to the weight of the water below.

      • Ian Wiese says:

        Great shot Mark. They look like a delivery of container unloading cranes. They seem to have a movable counterbalance on the opposite side to the boom. So the ship is well balanced – as you say the ship is low in the water, so must have a lot of ballast so that it is not top heavy. (If you Google ZPMC as written on the side of the ship, you see that the company makes cranes for all purposes).

  10. Greg Cahill says:

    No Way !!! Is that the Ship or the Cargo ??? Great shots regardless !

  11. Wow. That is incredible. Awesome stuff buddy. How do these things not fall over. Must be some sort of hover technology involved. So cool.

  12. Tim Wootton says:

    Great shots of an amazing ship! you would not want to get the stability calculations wrong on this one!