Fremantle Fire Station

I am about to start to do some portraits and this is one of the backgrounds I have selected.

The red doors of the fire station really made a statement to me in this image, so I made a feature of the doors with the processing.

Stay tuned for the final version!

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8 Responses to Fremantle Fire Station

  1. framing and post production perfect … love the coluor palette chosen

  2. I thought so when I saw it, while i was up the street a little … big big fan of grey tones and this shot has some really nice ones … set of nicely with the limited red …

  3. Yep thats right mate…you were off around the corner somewhere if I recall correctly!

    Spent a bit of time on this one to get those tones right and used a few new tricks which worked out very well!

  4. Peta says:

    Great tones and can’t wait to see the portrait…