Blood Red Kimberley Sunrise

I shot this pano a couple of years ago in the Kimberley at Eagle Creek and right on sunrise.

The blood red colours that came out of the sandstone as the suns rays hit the stone, looked as if the rock was literally melting and turning into a sea of lava before my eyes.

It is often the case in the Kimberley, where the intense reds come out at sunrise and sunset, but I have never seen it so intense as on this occasion.

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6 Responses to Blood Red Kimberley Sunrise

  1. That a great color combination, the intense red/orange against that almost monochrome rocks in the foreground.

    • And you know what Armand…10 minutes before this shot was taken, the red rocks looked to be the same colour as the monotone rocks…go figure! ๐Ÿ™‚

      You can see an example of what I am saying down lower in the shot where the light is hitting the rocks and creating that ‘lava’ look.

  2. Peta says:

    That’s what I love about the Kimberley, the light, it is amazing…beautiful.