Broome Jetty

A couple of Broome jetty images from this weekend’s sorty to sunny Broome!

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12 Responses to Broome Jetty

  1. Looking great there Mark!!!

  2. Yo Tone…the old blogs are taking a bit of a back seat against Facebook these days eh mate!

  3. mervfrench says:

    Pity about the blogs slowing down. It used to be a lot of fun with the blogging family, had a ton of laughs at times. Mind you I’ve put nothing up on the blog for months so I can’t talk. I still think it’s the best place to showcase images though.

    • Yes its a real shame Merv. I have met some wonderful people through the blog…you and Toneman as examples of that comment!

      I totally agree that it is by far the best way to showcase images, but Facebook and the like is just simple because you can view all in the one location. That is the attraction I think.

      Maybe we need to invent a Facebook like blog where all photogs can be and post on the one location and comment etc!?

  4. mervfrench says:

    I think its that instantaneous thing, everyone wants it now. As you say you can see everything at once on FB.

    Gee we’ve had some laughs along the way and met a lot of people.

    I really must start to get my blog back up to speed again but I haven’t shot anything very interesting for a while.

  5. mervfrench says:

    That FB like blog is already here in the name of Google +. Excellent for displaying images and the circle feature means you can include the people you want to show too. BUT it’s one more thing to do and I just don’t want to post in 10 different places.

  6. Totally Merv…everyone wants things in an instant these days!

    Yep we have had some laughs alright. Its been a huge and life changing part of my life.

    Very cool!

  7. Keep blogging mate, keep putting quality content out there, write and shoot like no one is watching. Just keep posting quality stuff and the audience will stay, even if they comment less. ‘Like’ is for cowards anyways!
    Don’t go near Google+, it’s worse than Flickr in terms of enourmous amounts of crappy images being posted, everyone patting each other on the back.
    Everytime I post on Google+ I die a little inside. Same with FB, but kinda need that network.
    Yes I am quite negative about these social media but I hate, hate hate what they do to photography. 99.999999% of what is posted is awful pure crap, all the comments are “nice shot” and ‘likes’ are swapped and the quality went out the window a long long long time ago. It’s all too convinient and easy, these networks and digital photography have convinced everyone that great images happen easily and everyday and every image is “awesome”, “nice shot”, ‘Like’ etc.

    Real photography is bloody darn hard, good images are darn hard and very rare and long-term projects are not a single weekend, it is stuff like Salgado going to Africa for 10 YEARS ! I wish everyone would stop posting crap on social media and actually concentrate on creating good content.

    Rant over, I feel better πŸ™‚

  8. All very good comments there Flembotaruny! πŸ™‚

    And very true as well I guess, but like anything in this world today…times they are a changing and if you don’t move with the tide and change, you will be swept away!

    Austal is a classic example of trying to stick to their knitting and failing miserably at hanging on to their previous glory.

    But, for sure I will continue to post on this blog, as I do very much treasure a) how it looks and what it does for me and b) the people I have met along the way through the blog…your good self included in that statement of course little buddy! πŸ™‚