The barge leaves!

Our refitted Leighton Barge is now on its way up the coast and i managed to capture this image of the barge cruise past industry central in Rockingham.

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9 Responses to The barge leaves!

  1. Nicely done there Mark … πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks little buddy! How’s pup?

  3. cliveaddison says:

    Dramatic Effects that work really Well Mark.
    Know those chimneys well as they are tall markers when returning from Rotto to Woodmans Point Harbour.

  4. Thanks Clive..yes they stand out a lot eh! I used to use them as well when i moored my boat in front of our factory in Henderson.

  5. Cool, this refitted barge makes the rest of the harbour look decidedly retro πŸ™‚