Duyfkin Returns to Fremantle

I went out for a surf to Stark bay today, which was pretty cool and on the way out we saw the Dufkin returning from their around the world journey, was the Duyfkin.

She looked a bit worse for wear and very much like she had some stories to tell. She is only a tiny little ship and certainly not something that would be comfortable in such a journey, but there you go, she made it just like they used to do back when ships like this were the only way to explore our world.

How far we have come since then!

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6 Responses to Duyfkin Returns to Fremantle

  1. Ripper shot and PP Mark, really suits.

  2. Thanks Pixel Pete! Things are very quiet in Blogland these days eh mate!

  3. Ian Wiese says:

    I love the processing Mark – very appropriate.

  4. Thanks Ian!

    I am coming down your way this weekend. Will have to catch up for a shoot!



  5. Sandy@Shots says:

    Love the image and the post work on this…very cool!