Old dogs in the air again!

A few of my old skydiving buddies went out last week to get our knees in the breeze.

The link below shows the Go Pro footage I got of the day which worked out pretty cool for those who might be interested!

The link is here.

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2 Responses to Old dogs in the air again!

  1. James Aitkenhead says:

    Great vid Mark.
    Looks likes a great day.
    Are you using iMovie to edit ??

    • Hey James, pleased you like it mate! Yes I did do the editing in iMovie, but I am having heaps of hassles with it. Sometimes it allows MOV files, sometimes it doesn’t and the same with JPEG’s, so I have just downloaded a trial of Final Cut 10 for 30 days free.

      I suggest you do the same as Mike Fletcher says that is probably the way to go. Imovie seems to have a lot of flaws in it these days and they have managed to take a really easy to use program to a real do your head in program in my opinion!

      I’ll let you know how it goes…but you can get a version for yourself free for 30 days.