Ayau Attol

Some more images from West Papua and Ayau Atoll. We visited 3 villages yesterday all very different and quite affluent compared to most of the PNG villages we visit.

It seems that they have found a viable export market in Hong Kong for their fresh fish which subsequently allows them some luxuries like gensets for the village, sat dishes and the like.

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6 Responses to Ayau Attol

  1. Ric McDonald says:

    Some entrepreneurial spirit that’s great, they look like a happy bunch as usual

  2. Tim Wootton says:

    an amazing & beautiful area Mark. Great shots!

  3. Thanks Tim…yes, am rating this trip eh!

  4. Ray Briene says:

    Hi Mark
    Your trip photo’s look amazing, smiling faces all round and lovely scenery. Looking forward to seeing your pictures as you post them.

  5. Hey Ray…more coming up in a mo! Thanks for stopping by.

    Its been a bit busy so struggling to find time to work images up but have heaps of great stuff!