More images from True North in Cendrawasih Bay

Its a tough gig over here at the moment! An early dive with the whale sharks again this morning and then we had a sail fish come up from the deep to say hey!

The early light is definitely the go for shooting the whale sharks and the Light and Motion 1200 LED I have worked perfectly to light us the various subjects.

After 2 hours of snorkelling and 1 hour of scuba, I am now a bit puffed to say the least, but I have heaps of cool vision to work on!

A great time had by all on board the True North with most saying it is the best couple of days they have had anywhere!

We have 3 whale sharks this morning…oh and of course one sail fish and not to mention a couple of bronzies down deep!

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14 Responses to More images from True North in Cendrawasih Bay

  1. Peta North says:

    Great shots as usual, macro works a treat….I bet you have heaps of amazing photos to come…

    • Hey Peta, yes the Macro does work only complaint with the macro is that it only goes to 6.3 F stop, so hard to get the shutter up without going hard with ISO. But that is really the only complaint…apart from that awesome little camera for sure…I think I have sold about 6 on board already!

      • Peta North says:

        The new 60mm macro is just come out so that will make a difference if you just want macro…
        Photos have been stunning…

        • Thanks Peta…you can get away with the macro lense on the 12-50 if the condtions are good but the moment there is a bit of movement its tough to get sharp images in Macro.

          But for a lense that can do both its is pretty dam good!

  2. very nice images Mark … Really liking these close up of the smaller ocean creatures … and nice touch with the sailfish and overlaid texture of the 3rd image or something very much like it …

  3. Nice work with the shrimps Mark, you seem to getting on top of the macro settings !

  4. Charlene says:

    Wow, that sailfish one is a cracker. Eat your heart out Guy Harvey!

  5. Mal Peacock says:

    Hey Mark, thanks for bringing us on your journey, not sure how you get the time to post.. personally I think these water-based images are some of your best.

  6. CF says:

    very cool sailfish shot Markie!