Castle Rock Sunset

We had some cool cloud build up coming together this evening so Christian Fletcher and I headed out to Castle Rock to see what we could get and we weren’t disappointed!

It started with a great colour show followed up with a lightning storm off in the distance.

A nice way to spend the evening for sure!

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4 Responses to Castle Rock Sunset

  1. Great colours indeed, reminds me of the colour palette of the old Dutch painters. What’s also nice in the composition is that the rocks and the clouds converge towards the same point.

  2. Thanks Armand..that was the plan mate and I am pleased it came together! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Gary Wooldridge says:

    Bummer I was there around 3. Shoulda woulda coulda hung around. Had the camera out at home but the lightning was to low in the sky…. Another great shot Mark.