Nudibanks of Longreach Bay at Rottnest Island




I have been keeping an eye on these little guys for a while now. The creatures are called Nudibanks and they come in quite a range of colours.

Yesterday at Rottnest the conditions were perfect for getting the shots I have been thinking about and i am very happy with the results

These Nudibanks are very territorial and seem to like to colonise on these little soft coral mountains.

There are 2 such colonies on the outer breakwater where I go for my regular swim circuit in Longreach Bay, so I get to keep an eye on them every weekend.

It seems that the colony is growing slightly with one colony now reaching 5.

Hope you like the images!

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9 Responses to Nudibanks of Longreach Bay at Rottnest Island

  1. cliveaddison says:

    Vivid & Cute little fellows. They also populate the tropical reefs of Mauritius in reasonable numbers.

    • Morning Clive and Tim! Yes, I see these guys in numerous versions of colours everywhere I dive and between them and the Clown fish there is never a dull moment in colour!

      Tim, would you believe that i googles the name and there was a site using the name nudibanks..go figure! I am sure you are right though!

  2. Tim Wootton says:

    Great shots Mark.very colourful little creatures indeed! Love your rendering of the name Nudibranchs!

  3. Ian Wiese says:

    Hi Tim – when I first saw the post I thought he said Nudibeaches of Longreach!

    Mark – they look cute. Great shots.

  4. Peta North says:

    Excellent, love them. Cant wait to see the wrecks.

  5. I like the first image in particular Mark!

  6. Thanks Mr. Toneman!:)