The world of Iron


Ore, ore and more ore! The Iron ore exports from our North West have for sure been a major part in keeping the full brunt of the GFC at bay and the insatiable appetite that China seems to have for this commodity has paved the way for continuous expansion of the structures that provide the means to export the ore in its RAW form.

I felt the overlay of some Pilbara coloured slate stone was appropriate for this infinity jetty shot of an iron ore conveyor jetty.

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4 Responses to The world of Iron

  1. Tim Wootton says:

    Looks good to me,nice work!

  2. Rae Brown says:

    Love the overlay…great fit considering the subject. Where is that jetty Mark? I ask because we will be doing a circumnavigation of Oz in 2014. Cheers.

  3. Thanks Rae…the jetty is just south of Point Sampson and North of Dampier.