Milky Way and the Pinnacles

Pinnacles Light Paint

I went up to Jurien Bay and Cervantes today with another photog, Greg Ratajchak and we had some fun light painting some of the Pinnacles.

The clouds cleared away nicely to pave the way for a totally star lit night.

Very cool!

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5 Responses to Milky Way and the Pinnacles

  1. Ailsa says:

    Spectacular. Love those stars

  2. Clive says:

    Mark,Superb capture. Quite different to all of the other well photographed Pinacles sunrises & sunsets. YOU are a star.!

  3. That is EPIC mate. Love it. Nice milky way capture. For my taste, a tad too much light wrapping from the back of the pinnacles creating almost like a green halo around them. But epic stuff.

    • Thanks little EPC buddy! I kinda stumbled across this effect, but now think I have a handle on what to play with for the future…could be more EPICness in the making mate! πŸ™‚