More Aerials from Exmouth

Busy River

Cloud's Eye View

Exmouth Epic SS

Skybird Aerial

Here are a few more aerials from my Exmouth flights with Birds Eye View Microlights and also from the burner on the way home.

The one with the boat in it is actually of my old charter boat called Skybird! It was very cool flying over the top and thinking..I know that boat and sure enough on a lower pass it was Skybird alright!

We had many a memorable moment on that boat around the place!

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6 Responses to More Aerials from Exmouth

  1. Ailsa says:

    Beautiful Images, as always.

  2. Peta North says:

    Great set as usual Mark.

  3. beautiful textures and colours mark, i love them!

  4. Looks like one epic Exmouth adventure, well done buddy.