Bat Crack Kimberley

King George Cave Glow

Bat Round

Bat Cave

King George Wedge

What a beautiful day we had here in Perth today!

An early start this morning out to Rottnest with some mates for a cracker surf and then back to go to Jacinda Bayne’s new exhibition opening at the Lynton Kay Gallery in Perth, titled ‘Floating Log’.

This evening’s post is still from our recent PODAS trip on True North and we are still in the mighty King George river. The top image is of a beautiful little place just off to the south of the river and I have been past this area so many times, but this time something caught my eye and WOW, look at the colours and textures we found in this water and wind eroded beauty!

The other images are of a neat little offshoot affectionately called the ‘Bat Crack’ by the team on True North and as you can see it is a beautiful shallow pool with a crack opening out to the heavens. As it turned out the conditions were perfect for shooting this cave as we had overcast conditions, late in the arvo, which meant we didn’t have harsh contrasty conditions flooding in from the crack.

I only had a hand full of intrepid starters for the sortie and I know they were all very glad they came out to play!

The last image is from just outside the Bat Crack, where there is a beautiful wedge, once again showcasing natures very special treatment and sculpturing in this little wedge island.

I hope everyone else managed to get out and about in todays glorious weather!

Tomorrow I have some more special erosion sculptures from this region.

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