Glenn’s truck take 2!

Glenn Profile

Glenn's Truck Freo

I went out with Christian Fletcher and Mr. Spool last night in Freo to shoot my mate Glenn’s truck again in front of some cool graffiti that I often ride past and above are the initial results.

Have a great day!

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6 Responses to Glenn’s truck take 2!

  1. Cool stuff mate, good to see Glenn featured again, he is awesome! Must have been one very fun evening – although you guys were missing Charlene and I stalking Glenn’s every move πŸ™‚

  2. Peta North says:

    Very cool and love Glenns beard…bugger I missed it, didnt finish photo shoot until after 8pm…

  3. Bummer Treas! I will be getting him over for dinner soon, so will get you guys over and we will do a bit of a studio shoot to drop him into previous stuff!

  4. Charlene says:

    Don’t recognize Glenn with the beard!

    Love the graffiti, and the jaunty hat. Fedoras rock!