More of classic Rottnest!

Yachting Blues


Natural Jetty Trio

Thompson's Tree

Some more images from this weekend’s activities at Rottnest.

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7 Responses to More of classic Rottnest!

  1. Peta North says:

    Beautiful images, that water looks so inviting…The top one is just so typical Rotto.

  2. Thanks Peta! Yep a great start the the season!

  3. Doug says:

    yes water colours to die for top pic a gem

  4. Doug says:

    top pic water colours FAB real dream water colours

  5. Thanks very much Doug! 🙂

  6. Its the top pick as well for me too mate. I just want to dive into that water. I’m pretty sure I’m going to head over to Rotto on the $40 return fare this Tuesday (Telethon Tuesday) and just shoot all day.