Montgomery Reds

Montgomery Reds

My wife Lee was looking for an abstract Kimberley image today to go up on our bedroom wall with a particular colour palette, so i went straight to my RAW files of Montgomery Reef and this is the result.

I think it will look good against the bed head wall with similar reds adjacent to the image!

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6 Responses to Montgomery Reds

  1. Ailsa says:

    Love the image Mark and also have a lot of memories of our time at Montgomeroy Reef, with the storm and the heli hardly being able to land the the tenders struggling…was a day to remember

  2. I am guessing that was the time when Ken D got that awesome Montgomery shot eh Ailsa…still yet to see it like that again!

  3. Faye says:

    How wonderful to have some of your very own photography decking the walls of your home. It is a brilliant shot and the colours are awesome!

  4. Indeed Faye…yes I have a heap of my own photos on the walls! Kinda cool really! 🙂

  5. Kym Gow says:

    Amazing image Mark. Well done!