Stark Bay Sunrise, Rottnest Island

Stark Bay Sunrise St

I hope everyone out there is safe from the bush fires in Perth and have managed to escape the heat!

Lee and I ventured out as far away from the land as possible and went out near the West End of Rottnest Island at Stark Bay for the weekend and what a weekend it was!

Best yet for the season for sure and the sunrise this morning was picture perfect!

I am looking West here looking out towards the West End of Rottnest.

If you are in the fire zone in Perth, remember kit can be replaced, but lives can’t and fires move at extraordinary speeds when they get moving!

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2 Responses to Stark Bay Sunrise, Rottnest Island

  1. Ailsa says:

    How tranquil, cool and beautiful that looks. We saw the smoke but all safe here.
    My thoughts go out to those who have lost their homes.