Little Armstrong Fish Balls


I shot this one last weekend whilst free diving through a cave at Little Armstrong. My wife and I spent our honeymoon in this little bay on my first boat called ‘Reckless….Don’t Be So’!

It was then and still is a very special bay to me and is a great snorkel for anyone venturing over to Rotto!

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9 Responses to Little Armstrong Fish Balls

  1. Ailsa says:

    Beautiful . Love the light and the fish and the beautiful colour. :-)

  2. Kym Gow says:

    Hey Markie Mark, if your free on Sunday late avo, why not call over to our place. We are having an Aussie Day bash for a few friends with some nice food, good music and great people!

  3. Ian Wiese says:

    Sorry Mark – I couldn’t work out which one were the males!

  4. Ian Wiese says:

    You seem to have had a ball at Rotto – starkers most of the time I see!

  5. Top image Mark – really captures that magic feeling that you get being amongst it from below the surface.

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