Geordie Bay Colours

Geordie Colours

Geordie Bay is possibly one of the prettiest bays at Rottnest and when it turns it on….stunning!

Saturday evening was one of those nights!

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2 Responses to Geordie Bay Colours

  1. cliveaddison says:

    Almost from a heli Mark. Wide or a stitch ? Love the tonal range.
    Spent many a happy summer moored right in that protected SW corner of Geordie,,,,, even before any villas were built & No Nav markers either ! Peace & tranquility ,,,,,,,,,, except in a Nor-Wester!

  2. Sounds like you are a very old and at Rotto as well Clive!

    I go back40 years to when I first started going there when I had a job teaching people how to ride at the old stables on the West side of the lakes. Went there every weekend for about 18 months on the old Temarare!

    Pleased you like the shot. It was a wide angle shot with my 14mm. Looking at the result, I think I should have done a stitch as well!