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Canola Fields and Bluff Knoll

Fellow photographer Greg posted a shot from our spring trip down to the Bluff Knoll the other day, which inspired me to revisit some of the shots I had not worked up yet. I found these 2 gems in there!

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Mountain Tranquility

Very tragic news today about Malaysian Flight 017. What a crazy world we are living in now…that together with the disappearance of Malaysian 370 and the various wars and conflicts going on around the place! Hopefully this serene scene will … Continue reading

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What a beautiful morning it was in Perth this morning, so I couldn’t resist a quick ping on the way to work. The theme of the morning was definitely reflections as the river was an absolute mirror…hence the title. I … Continue reading

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The Leeuwin!

The Leeuwin in full sail against a backlit sky…had to turn around for that one! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Walkin the Plank

There was a long board competition yesterday at a local surf break called Isolated…which is where I learned to surf actually. So I wandered on down to watch some of the veterans at work and was also pleasantly surprised to … Continue reading

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Sunset Layers

A pretty sweet sunset down at the Longboard competition at Isolated this evening. I thought the interesting layers in the clouds made for a stand alone composition given the stripy nature of the reds mixed with the blues. A 5 … Continue reading

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Kimberley Tranquility

This shot is very typical of what you wake up to on a Kimberley Cruise on True North. Beautiful colours and swirls in the water with the huge tides that happen in the Kimberley.

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The birth of an industry

As many of you know, I have been involved in the Western Australian Shipbuilding industry since the early 80’s and had the cause today to showcase where the industry came from in a bit of a speech I did. These … Continue reading

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Kilcarnup Storm

Still on the storm theme….here is one from down south at Kilcarnup, a beautiful little beach just West of Margaret River.

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Fremantle Storm Front

I was watching the approaching storm on the radar early this morning and ventured out to Fremantle to see what I could capture. I was possibly about 15 minutes late as I only managed to fire off 4 shots before … Continue reading

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