Leaving the Sepik

Sepik Entrance St-soft


Kick the ball!-900

After a wonderful couple of days exploring the Sepik River we are now back out to an island group near Kevieng for some more diving and water sports before heading back to Madang where we will start the journey back home.

Yesterday we visited an amazing village based in the middle of one of the lakes off the side of the Sepik where the huts are built on stilts and everything is water based!

The pigs live on log rafts and feed off reeds harvested daily by the locals, they smoke fish there and make sago flour off sago trees they haves nearby and then process on a floating log raft arrangement.

Along the way to the lake we handed out a bunch of mosquito nets to the locals who live by the canals and as we cruised up the main river we had the locals very excited by our very own Spider Man kicking soccer balls off the brow.

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