The boys and the Heli!


Kem 1 Launch Desat

Going through some images today for our website upgrade and found this little gem lurking!

Mikie Mike Fletcher and Darren Mc Cagh and I about to depart on an aerial photo shoot earlier this year for one of the Wind farm vessels we built.

Very sad to see the carry on over in the East today with the Terrorist action in Martin Place.

What brings it home to me is that I had to do a quick sortie over there on Friday for the day with one of our Naval Architects and we had lunch just around the corner from where the siege is happening!

I hope it all gets resolved quickly with no casualties.

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4 Responses to The boys and the Heli!

  1. cool mark … nice of the bird to drop in and photobomb your image … yeah not good the new over east … but if there casualites I hope its the at the hands of the those trained to take the one kill shot …