Perth lightning storm last night

Freo Bridge Lightning 3

Freo Bridge Lightning 2

Freo Bridge Lightning 1

I heard the storm brewing last night at about 1230 and set out to see what i could find.

These were taken around 0330 and not long after that the lights on the bridge were taken out by a strike.

Natures sky show was something to behold!

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6 Responses to Perth lightning storm last night

  1. Nice Mark … Strange as up here not a thing … Never heard anything and no rain at all and only heard about this event this morning on the news … Next time throw us a txt I’ll come play … 🙂

  2. Will do mate!

    Its a bit of trial and error! I started down at Mount Henry bridge which was OK, but the real game was at about 0300 in Freo!

  3. seems it went nuts around hillarys as well … might be in for a return show this evening/night

  4. Yep and around Trigg according to Murf!

    And yep I am available tonight for a chase if it lights up. I would really like to get some action over the city tonight and am thinking i should have headed there last night!

  5. Nice photos! We got woken to an almighty thunder clap; pretty weird weather!

    Do you normally get up at 3AM to take photos?!

  6. Hi Aaron,

    Thanks for the positive feedback mate. The answer is that no I don’t normally get up that early, but when the forecast is for a likely thunderstorm I tend to check with rain radar a couple of times during the night.