The manufique GIANTS of Perth


By the numbers estimation of how many people were out and about chasing GIANTS this weekend, I think it is fair to say that half of Perth were out on the GIANT mission!

Lee and I were no exception and decided to ride in yesterday afternoon and followed the big guy down to Langley park.

Then this morning took our neighbours up to Perth waters in our boat and ended up in prime position.

During a lull in activities I cooked up a lamb roast on the BBQ and then we followed the giants down river for a while then over took them and anchored at Chidley point where we had a nice lunch whilst waiting for the final parade.

I think it is fair to say that GIANTS touched a few soft spots around town and the crew worked very hard to pull it all together.

The guys who were working the leg movements would have slept well tonight I am thinking!

You can see the video I put together here.

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2 Responses to The manufique GIANTS of Perth

  1. Nice video Mark and it was heaps of fun getting out and watching the Giants. I’m not sure why Perth embraced them as much as they did, but I know I certainly got swept up in all the excitement.