We have a new visitor to our slipway!

WRE on Hardstand WRE Bow Echo and the umbrella WRE coming on Slip

On Monday and well into the night our service team worked tirelessly to safely dock the baby sister to the Super Yacht we are building.

At 60m the baby sister is not such a baby either and being a trimaran hull form, together with the fact the vessel has spanning foils between the main hull and the outrigger hulls the complexity of the slipping operation is quite involved.

This vessel was launched the same year as the True North and is also now up for a couple of months for her 10 year refit.

Well done to the Evolution and Echo team for the long night and the safe slipping operation.

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10 Responses to We have a new visitor to our slipway!

  1. Faye says:

    Very impressive Mark.

  2. Matthew Inman says:

    That’s the ‘baby sister’, is the parent ship an aircraft carrier?

  3. cliveaddison says:

    I find this really Interesting .
    We head to Rotto from Woodmans Point ramp. I guess Evolution is one of the giant sheds south of there.

  4. very cool … love the pov of the very first image

  5. Ben says:

    Great pics, as always Mark.
    Do you have any ideas on why more superyachts don’t adopt the trimaran hull form?
    Does it just not look ‘sexy enough’ maybe?
    I assume they’re very stable and efficient, but I’ve seen very few around, except for a couple in Asia/Middle East…

    • Thanks Ben,

      Shipbuilding is always a compromise one way or another.

      The sense of expanse and the ride offered by a trimaran is impressive for sure, but the costs associated with building a trimaran hull form versus conventional is up there and also there are major challenges in fitting all the kit into the reduced volume.

      Also what comes with the reduced volume is less buoyancy and therefore the weight focus throughout the build needs to be focused on being light.