My take on this year’s Sculpture by the Sea Show!

The Balls Shackled 2 Towers Flamingo SS Scupture SS The ears have it! Nealing Boy

I set out with White Fella Walkabout last night AKA Paul Marshall, before he heads off on another Walkabout adventure!

We decided to go to the Sculpture by the Sea and ended up with an old mate from Newcastle joint us at the last minute….the legend himself Steve Cummins!

It was a good night out and managed to get a few images that I am OK with.

Hope you like them!

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3 Responses to My take on this year’s Sculpture by the Sea Show!

  1. pretty cool mark … Not sure about you but that last one seems a little twisted and freaky

  2. cliveaddison says:

    Beautiful use of the evening light in Your take on Sculpture @ Cott.
    So differenf from the morning light.

  3. Faye says:

    Captured really well Mark. This is the first year I have not been yet. Your photography is saying I must go. Cheers. Faye