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Sunset at South Fremantle Power Station

I happened to be cruising past the Old Power station this evening and saw what was to be an amazing pre cyclonic sunset with a totally new perspective than I have taken before. Worked out pretty well I think…hope you … Continue reading

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Lower Killianna Falls, Melany

This pretty little scene is down in the lower area to the larger Killianna falls I posted the other day.

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Twin Otters!

This one should appeal to some of my Skydiving mates! Another form of ‘Twin Otter’ other than the ones we jump out of! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Melany Views

Went out with Ben Messina again this morning to his favourite lookout location. This lone tree was just begging to be pinged, so who was I to refuse! It really popped as the early morning rays hit the upper branches.

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Kondalilla Falls

Lee and I are in Melany in QLD for the weekend and this evening had the pleasure of going out with Ben Messina to Kondalilla falls and managed to capture these 2 images for a start and off in the … Continue reading

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Knees in the Breeze at Jurien Bay

What a cracker weekend we had for weather last weekend! I just love Autumn weather in Perth! On Saturday went down to Mandurah and surfed Avalon Point for about 5 hours with my mate Russell and his son Roy and … Continue reading

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Something different for the Pinnacles

A bit of fun with a few mates at the Pinnacles…enjoy!

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Meerkat Family Portrait

We took the grandkids to the Zoo today and after hearing about the new borns in the Meerkat family, we pretty much headed straight there. I was pretty chuffed to come away with this one! I don’t think I could … Continue reading

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New Street Art in Fremantle

We have some new street art coming together on the old Naval Store in Fremantle. I have been watching this coming together for a week or so now and when we drove past today the painters were sitting up high … Continue reading

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Lookin’ at you!

We had some international guests here over the last couple of days and as the last hurrah, decided to take them to Whiteman Park to interact with the animals. This is a little take of what we saw today.

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