New Street Art in Fremantle

Umbrella Painters Naval Store St 2

We have some new street art coming together on the old Naval Store in Fremantle.

I have been watching this coming together for a week or so now and when we drove past today the painters were sitting up high enjoying the view whilst having some lunch….and why wouldn’t you!

I am sure the view down the harbour from there would be very good.

You can see the theme coming together is a sea scene of long Octopus tentacles and I think it will make for a nice feature.

You can see the new art coming together just to the East of the lights at the Southern end of the Old Fremantle Bridge.

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2 Responses to New Street Art in Fremantle

  1. Kym Gow says:

    Certainly is amazing….you don’t miss a trick Markie Mark!