Echo Yachts update

Southern-Bay-Sq-Progress _TNM1979


Off the back of last week’s award, I thought it appropriate to update everyone on our progress with the exciting projects underway at Echo Yachts.

One of the cat hulls has now been joined and yesterday we infused the last of the hulls for the second hull. These should be joined and coming together with the completed bridge decks within a couple of weeks at which time the modules will come together looking like a boat for the first time.

In the aluminium hall, progress is coming along nicely with numerous centre hull modules also nearing completion in readiness to being lined up to also start looking like a boat for the first time.

The movement of the modules is scheduled for about 3 weeks time.

The sun deck module and the funnel are now full complete.

Behind the scenes the outfit on the GRP vessel is well underway as is the engineering and electrical design.

Employment numbers are rapidly approaching 300 now within Echo Yachts.

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6 Responses to Echo Yachts update

  1. Looks pretty amazing in there now and that last image looks like something out of star wars πŸ™‚ very cool …

  2. doug says:

    very interesting;;; great photos of work at hand ;; my back ground allows me to appreciate the size & detail involved best of luck for future contracts

  3. Kym Gow says:

    Wow – these r massive Markie Mark but very impressive.