Sunday night sunset over Fremantle Harbour

Freo Harbour SS..

Whilst hanging around waiting for our 0130 departure this morning, I noticed that the skies over Fremantle were shaping up very nicely.

I was all packed, so decided to treat myself to a quick sortie out and about in Freo.

I settled on the harbour entrance as there were a lot of people out fishing and enjoying the ambience in general.

Set up in this location was a keen young photog called Dave and we had a bit of a chat about the joy of photography and getting out and about to witness such scenes.

He was obviously well on his way with his photography journey.

We are now in Hirafu in Japan and went from a balmy 27 degrees in Perth to minus 13 here!

But the snow reports are looking dam good, so bring it on in the morning!

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7 Responses to Sunday night sunset over Fremantle Harbour

  1. Matthew Inman says:

    Right place, right time, you can’t beat it. Happy light be with you in the snow of Japan. Stay warm my friend, no change of getting cold down here anytime soon!

    May the light be with you!

  2. Kym Gow says:

    Great colours in the sky and you captured it beautifully Markie Mark!

  3. David Atkins says:

    Hi Mark,

    Pleasure to meet you on Sunday night, it was very inspiring for me to listen to your advice and to also see your work on this site. I hope our paths cross again some time soon.

    All the best, enjoy every moment.
    It’s a beautiful world out there. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Dave,

      Nice to meet you as well on such an epic evening!

      Pleased to hear you liked what I had to say and the offer is there if you need a hand with Photoshop etc.

      • David Atkins says:

        Thanks mate, thats very cool of you. I’ll be in touch once I’ve practiced various techniques and got my head around lightroom thoroughly! Enjoy Japan, I’ll message you after my trip to NZ!

        Speak to you soon mate.